What if I forgot my password?

If you don´t remember- enter your e -mail address where you want the link containing your new password to be sent . Attention ! The old password is lost forever !

How do I order?

After selecting the product enter the quantity, then click the "Add " button. A new window will appear on the actual content of the basket by clicking on the " Continue to Payment " button you can approve or edit. Further information can be found at " Placing order " !

Is there a replacement, if I get damaged or incorrect product?

If damage is found during the acceptance of the products, we replace them.

When should I pay for the product?

The product can be payed through PayPal at the end of the order.

How to stand out from the purchase?

There are two ways to cancel : - If they have not been paid for the products in your cart by clicking the " Remove" button - If he has already ordered , you do not have to take the product. Please if you change your mind , let us know at the info@avocada.hu !

Can I pay with a credit card?

In order to settle the value of the goods you can pay with PayPal.

What happens to the delivery deadline?

The general delivery 2-5 days notice is made, it provides detailed information on the Terms and Conditions .

What to do if the product has not arrived by the deadline?

If you did not receive the product on time, please visit our customer support , which we are ready to assist you in this matter.

I sent an e-mail to Avocada, but have not heard back, what to do?

It is possible that the message has not been received due to technical reasons . If you don´t receive an answer within 48 hours , please try to reach customer service by phone , where we will be happy to help!

How can I cancel my order?

If you want to delete your order you can do it through the customer service . Please note that if we have already started the delivery, we are unable to cancel your order- if you do not want to buy the product , you do not have to take it from the courier . If you have further questions , please contact us on info@avocada.hu e- mail address!